The Curriculum

The Executive Search Academy Curriculum

How to Manage Search Activity & Improve Executive Hiring Effectiveness

We explore what we're up against in competing for executive level talent in today's global economy and discuss what kinds of corporate initiatives have been successful in managing search activity and improving hiring effectiveness. This includes how to make the business case for an executive recruiting program and how to educate key players in your organization on their roles in making it work.


The Search Process

Anatomy of an executive search engagement - what really happens - and what hiring organizations need to know to make searches succeed. Here we take strategies discussed in the first segment and apply them in recruiting tactics and processes: a fundamental view of how talent is identified and reeled in at search firms and by inhouse search teams.


Assess for Success

The heart of the search process is the evaluation of candidates. We examine the interview and assessment process, including reference-checking.


Selecting and Engaging Executive Search Consultants

How to find the right one and negotiate terms of engagement that will insure success. This section includes a variety of tools and performance measures that companies can adopt to support their search management initiatives. Here too we discuss alternatives to, and variations on, retained executive search.


Business Issues, Ethics & Search Firm Relations

We delve into issues of ethics and good business practices in the unregulated world of executive search, discuss how to spot and fix unhealthy situations and build relationships that increase the value of search activity.


Direct Executive Recruiting

How to establish a corporate capability for direct recruiting at the executive level and how to combine direct search with the use of external resources. This is the hottest topic in executive recruiting today. Our session includes the latest in how leading companies are advancing this function.


Searching for Diversity

What works and what doesn't in advancing diversity initiatives at the executive level.


Searching Internationally

Issues and tactics in recruiting for senior management in far-flung locations.


Onboarding for Performance & Retention

Best practices in what many believe is the single most important part of the hiring process.




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