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DAVID LORD: Founder, Retired

David Lord is a leading independent authority on the selection and engagement of executive search consultants and on how large organizations can best manage their executive recruiting activity. David is a career journalist, having worked as a daily newspaper writer and editor for 10 years and as Editor at Kennedy Information from 1987 to 1995, where he covered the management consulting and executive search industries and became a widely quoted authority on the executive recruiting industry.

In 1995, David formed Executive Search Information Services (ESIS) in response to requests from corporations for better information about executive recruiters and best practices in working with them. Since then he has helped more than 100 Fortune 500 corporations improve executive search effectiveness. David also created the Executive Search Information Exchange (ESIX), a research and discussion group for heads of executive recruiting from more than 60 leading corporations. He also founded the Executive Search Academy, a two-day course in best practices for corporate executive recruiting professionals.

David is a frequently quoted writer and speaker on issues in executive recruiting and has served as a moderator, panelist and presenter at executive search industry conferences worldwide.

David holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from The College of William & Mary.





Simon Mullins has been a recruiter and recruiting leader for almost his entire career - he even started a recruiting agency while a student at university. He has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the US (on both coasts), for startups and as a leader at a Fortune 50 company. He has managed executive search from 'the outside' as a Partner at Korn Ferry. At Microsoft, he led one of the most advanced internal corporate executive recruiting functions, as well as their largest experience-hire staffing group.

After beginning his recruiting career in London, Simon moved to Hong Kong to recruit for clients in the technology industry. He joined Korn Ferry in Boston and spent 7 years there and in Silicon Valley.

In 2004, he joined Microsoft's Executive Recruiting Team, which he led from 2006 to 2012, eventually becoming Senior Director of the company. The team became highly integrated with Microsoft's succession planning process and was responsible for all of the external hiring of the company's most impactful executives - including Board Directors. In 2013, Simon was asked to become Senior Director of Staffing of Microsoft's largest experienced Staffing team, serving the Applications and Services Group. In 2014, he joined ESIX: Executive Search Information Exchange and now leads and facilitates the group.

Simon is a frequent speaker at industry forums and was an ESIX Advisory Board member from 2007 to 2012.  He holds an honors degree in economics and public administration from the University of London.