The ESIX Perspective

Recruiting top management and professional talent is a cornerstone of success in today's hypercompetitive global market, and the impact of skilled corporate leadership is more visible than ever.

While great companies get there mainly by developing leaders, they also make strategic choices to recruit leadership talent: To obtain A+ players from other companies; to acquire a new capability or enter a new market; and to fill gaps in leadership development.

To attract head-turning talent, most organizations rely on executive search consultants. But few do so with a thorough understanding of the capabilities, methods and track records of the firms they use.

More often, executive recruiting occurs with little or no discipline around the selection of the consultant, management of the search engagement and evaluation of performance (both search consultant and hiring team). The cost of ineffective behavior in executive recruiting in today's business world -- in lost opportunities to recruit outstanding talent at the right moment -- is huge.

ESIX is a service designed to assist boards of directors, line executives, and executive staffing directors in the process of "going outside" at senior levels.

We help our members:
  • Benchmark executive recruiting practices against those of leading corporations
  • Select and engage the right search consultants, under the right terms
  • Improve search success rates and avoid costly missteps
  • Build an internal capability to recruit directly at the executive level
  • Integrate these services with leadership development, talent management, and succession planning

When the process for hiring at top levels is the best process possible, it creates the necessary edge in the ever-tightening market for the best of the best leadership talent.
Is anything more important to the future of your organization?